Nature goes beyond limits, it breaks them and creates tension, until it finally modifies them. In counterpart, culture is governed by the restrained human impulse of containing and controlling external energies.

This is the field of action of Micaela Escudero. Her creative method is centered in symbolizing and rubbing by a process of conceptual abstraction and thus creating different vegetation, plants and microorganisms. She proposes a fantasy world above the realistic vocation of transcription.

Her works presented at this exposition clearly work as dynamic markers. Chaotic, leafy masses of vegetation, some of them in layers overlapped by glazes, reproduce themselves and reach the infinite like a mantra. They initiate within the piece of work and continue outside throughout all the space until they conquer the expanded field by the imagination and perception of those that live in it. With magical aspects, they grow among comprehensible beauty and a sense of threatening enchantment. They hold hypnotic power, characteristic of natural phenomena, like fire, the jungle or a cliff. Thereby,  the spectator is trapped until he loses visual focus and even corporal control, as a clear metaphor of this strained relationship between man and nature.

Escudero invites the spectator to live within an integral space where canvases, acetates, inks or acrylics, are tools that melt with the architecture of the gallery to give birth to an uncontrollable experience without any measures, conventions or social regulations about how to see or perceive. In summary, a space in which poetry prevails, allowing the release of the obvious.  

Maximo Jacoby, Curator.


My creative method centers on symbolizing and rubbing by means of a process of conceptualabstraction and variable shapes that go from circles and squares until lines or even more organic traces.

I use the same method on different supports, canvasses, acetates, acrylics or paper.

I experience and feel over the emptiness as a support that will later reveal the invisible, to create an intermediate dimension, a indelible space where subject and piece of art dialogue with each other. 

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